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This article is about customer service.

After an interesting conversation with a client yesterday, it started me thinking about how important this section of your business is. Particularly small business. It is often the only way a small business can compete with the large and multi national businesses. My client was telling me that she is in the process of renovating her kitchen, and the local businesses she has scoped for her materials have been less than helpful in their attitude to her custom. Some even rude. Not unsurprisingly, she has moved her custom elsewhere.

Whilst she is only one customer, you must wonder how many more are turning their custom away. To a small business, this is critical revenue that means profitability, local jobs and spending in the local community.

Your frontline staff are the ones who are “your business”. Are they working effectively? Do you constantly engage with them to monitor their performance, get feedback from them in relation to customer acceptance of your products or services?

Employees will be happier in their jobs if they are doing something that is worthwhile, something that makes them feel a part of the success story. There is a new movement of thought that staff should be involved in the management of their department, right down to the numbers which would normally only be shared with management. It has shown that this gives them ownership of their position.

Creating a team environment with staff will give your business a boost in terms of culture and efficiency. Including staff in the selection of quarterly goals and targets, and subsequent “awards” will promote a team spirit. So much time is spent at work, make it fun. Some staff will be hesitant to accept, but once shown that its all about making the business successful, there will be less pushback.

This system requires constant monitoring that will need to be incorporated into the schedule. Non-negotiable time that can be devoted to team meetings to develop new targets, new marketing ideas and training for performance. Keep the meetings as short as possible, keep to an agenda and create a record or minute of the meeting that can be used as a basis for performance measurement at the end of your monthly/quarterly target period.

Implementing these simple ideas will give you happy staff, happy customers and grow your business and revenue. It will become a magnet for customers who share their positive experiences of your positive and helpful staff.

Jo-Anne Chaplin
Tax & superannuation Professionals

Jo-Anne Chaplin

Jo-Anne Chaplin, owner and director of Tax and Superannuation Professionals. Jo-Anne provides professional accounting services with a friendly, personal touch. You’ll find that she is approachable and easy to work with. Jo-Anne loves helping people create wealth for themselves and their families.


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